ActivABLES is a Nordic research project that started in September 2015. The project is funded by Nordforsk under the call for Nordic-Baltic research projects on user-driven innovation in health and welfare. ActivABLES involves collaboration from different partners in Sweden, Finland and Iceland.

ActivABLES researches on Tangible Interaction to Support Effective and Usable Stroke Rehabilitation at Home. The project has four main objectives:

  1. To investigate how to employ participatory design methods to incorporate stroke survivors and their support networks to co-design effective rehabilitation tools for ADLs that are both used, enjoyable to use and suitable for use in home.
  2. To Develop tangible interactive devices (ActivABLES) via Objective 1 that employ multimodal (touch, pressure, temperature, haptic and audio) feedback.
  3. To develop software that allows ActivABLES to control other objects (e.g. act as a light switch, basic TV remote, or interface to an application running on a smartphone.
  4. To investigate how ActivABLES can be incorporated into the lives of stroke survivors and their support networks (including rehabilitation professionals), and the kinds of everyday tasks and leisure activities they fit best within.