The ActivABLES research project uses the ActivABLES toolkit for research purposes. The kit consists of a local server, tangible interactive objects and apps.

All ActivABLES devices communicate locally through Wifi network. The ActivABLES server is not connected to the internet. Thus, recorded information stays on the server, and isn’t sent anywhere else. If you connect to a feedback device (eg. lamps) it will be sent there, but none of your data will be sent to the internet.

The stepWithSTARR app follows the same principle – information is recorded on the phone, but the only server it connects to is the ActivABLES server, so information is not sent outside your home.

stepWithSTARR is provided for free and on an “as is” basis. You use it at your own risk, and we do not make any warranties. Under no circumstances shall Certec or Lund university be made liable for any damages arising from use of, or inability to use, the app.